The document 'Engaging with our Local Community' outlines that our strategy is to use proactive communications to engage with our residents, increase satisfaction levels, enhance the reputation of the organisation, and keep staff informed and motivated. To compliment this we will also provide a comprehensive reactive service to robustly protect the Council from unfair criticism.

 The Strategy outlines:

  • how we deliver integrated communications and make it work
  • what we believe is the role of communications
  • our key messages
  • our key measures
  • our Press Office function
  • our internal communications function
  • our tenant communications function
  • our responsibilities for the Council website and social media
  • our design and marketing functions

Read the Corporate Communications Strategy in full to get more information on any of these areas

The Corporate Communications Strategy sets out the methods by which the Corporate Communications Team will deliver its objectives in the coming years, and the measures by which its success will be evaluated.