We are pleased to announce that West Dunbartonshire Council is participating in the Equally Safe at Work accreditation programme.

The council places a high focus on sex and gender equality, it's crucial that every employee at work feels safe and supported in West Dunbartonshire Council.

We recognise that there is an integral link between addressing sex and gender inequality and preventing and reducing gender based violence (GBV) including violence against women and that tackling workplace inequality is a key component. Being a part of this programme will provide us with tools to take this forward and make meaningful change for all employees. It will enable us to develop policies and practices that better reflect the needs of all employees in the council. The programme aligns with our People First Strategy.

Over the coming months we will be undertaking a number of activities to progress sex and gender equality and better support those who have experienced GBV.

We will ensure that the changes we make are sustainable and will be working to embed these throughout the workplace. We will consistently review the changes to ensure they still reflect the needs of the council and its employees.


Peter Hessett                           Martin Rooney

Chief Executive                        Council Leader