Published 20 February 2023

West Dunbartonshire HSCP gathered with community partners on Adult Support and Protection Day to strengthen the message that it’s everyone’s duty to look out for vulnerable people in our area.

In the last year the number of people referred to ASP services nationwide has risen by more than 200 a week.

In general, the majority of harm to adults has occurred in individuals’ own homes and with the rising cost of living some people are more at risk of harm from neglect or self-neglect.

Community partners including police, fire, social work services and volunteer organisations met at the Council’s Civic Space in Church Street to discuss their roles – and how we can all work together to ensure vulnerable adults are kept safe from harm.

This year for ASP Day the focus is on Neglect and Self-neglect. Neglect is when someone is not being cared for properly, either by themselves or by someone responsible for them. Self-neglect is when a person is either unable to, or loses the motivation to, look after themselves.

Harm can happen to anyone anywhere – in someone’s home, where they work, in a public place and is often caused by the people closest to them.

It’s sometimes hard to see when someone is at risk of harm and struggling to manage, or you might feel you don’t want to interfere. But sharing your concern is the right thing to do and can ensure people get the help they need.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping people safe from harm so if you’re worried about an adult visit Adult Support and Protection | West Dunbartonshire Council (

Alternatively, call 01389 776499 (Dumbarton area) 01389 811760 (Clydebank area) or the out-of-hours hotline on 0300 3431505.

If there is immediate danger alert the police on 101 or 999 if it’s an emergency.