It is everyone's business to help protect adults who may be at risk.

If you know someone who you believe is being harmed please tell us so that we can help them to protect themselves.

If you believe that someone is in urgent need of help to keep them safe please contact the Police on 101 or 999.

You can report an adult at risk by calling the offices below.

  • Clydebank area - 01389 811760
  • Dumbarton area - 01389 776499
  • Out of Hours - 0300 343 1505Glasgow and Partners Social Work Emergency Service

There are many ways that an adult may be harmed. These could be:

  • Physical ways, by being injured or neglected
  • Psychological ways, by being made afraid or distressed
  • Their property or money may be taken without their agreement, knowledge or understanding
  • They may hurt themselves by what they do or by not taking care of themselves

Further information on who is at risk and how to spot the signs is available on the Health and Social Care Partnership website.