Aim of our service

The aim of our service is to assist vulnerable people, of all ages, to live independently within their own homes wherever possible.  Our staff are committed to the management and provision of a flexible, responsive, seamless, high quality Care at Home service, taking full account of service user and carer needs.

Who is the service for?

We help people who:

  • need short-term help until they are ‘back on their feet’ and doing the things they did before an illness or a stay in hospital; or
  • at risk of being admitted into hospital, residential or nursing care; or
  • leaving residential care or hospital and need help when they get back home

We provide care for:

  • adults living with dementia
  • adults with disabilities
  • adults with mental health needs
  • adults who can no longer be independent with certain tasks
  • adults with various health needs

What care can we provide?

Help with everyday tasks such as:

  • assistance with personal tasks i.e. washing, dressing, shaving, oral hygiene,  continence and personal hygiene,
  • assistance with meal/snack preparation
  • assistance with medication (on completion of medication assessment)
  • collecting prescriptions where there is no assistance from others available
  • continence laundry

There are some things that we cannot do, such as:

  • the kind of tasks that a nurse would normally carry out.  i.e. change dressings / peg feeding and other medical procedures our district nursing team assist with
  • moving furniture
  • reach into high places
  • shopping
  • Domestic tasks not related to personal care tasks

How does it work?

If you think you, or someone you know, needs some help at home, you can contact the duty social work team on

Community Adult Team Dumbarton/Alexandria

16 Church Street
G82 1QL

01389 776499

Community Adult Team Clydebank

Clydebank Health & Care Centre
Queens Quay
Main Avenue
G81 1BS

01389 811760

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 8.45am-4.45pm
  • Friday: 8.45am-3.55pm

Before we can offer you a Care at Home Service, you will be assessed whether you are eligible for the service. If you are, then an assessment of your needs will have to be carried out.  A home visit will be arranged where a professional (such as a social worker) will ask you about your health and the kind of help you feel you need to continue living at home as independently as possible (they may also include other professionals such as occupational therapists who can arrange for appropriate aids and equipment to be installed in your home).

On completion of your needs assessment, if you do require assistance from the Care at Home team, a Care at Home Organiser will be allocated to manage your support at home.

If you are currently in hospital, an assessment of your needs will be carried out on the hospital ward and appropriate support (and equipment if required) will be arranged for your return home.

A Care at Home Organiser will talk to you and set up a care support plan. We will involve professionals such as your social worker or district nurse, and can also involve people who provide informal care to you such as your friends, family or neighbours, in this process (if you so wish).

Care and Support Plan

This is a record of your assessment of need, preferences and routine and is also a guide for your home carers to follow. This document/care diary, will remain in your home for the carers to read and write in to record their attendance and tasks completed.

It contains the following information:

Personal Details - this provides details of you, your next of kin, GP and Social Work contacts

Care and Support Plan - this provides details of:

  • how often your home carer will attend to support you
  • what time band your home carer should attend to support you
  • what support your home carer is expected to assist you with when they attend
  • your likes and dislikes
  • what is important to and for you
  • who is important to you
  • preferred routine

If you have any questions regarding your Care and Support Plan please do not hesitate to contact our Care at Home office who will forward your call to the appropriate Care at Home Organiser.

Times of Visits to Support You

Please note we will do everything we can to try and accommodate your preferred time(s) of visit(s), however, this is not always possible.

This is for a variety of reasons and they can range from us experiencing high volumes of staff absence or your home carer(s) being caught up with an emergency situation with someone before they arrive to assist you, therefore, staff may run late. In these instances, we would try and do everything we can to let you know your carer is running late.

Reviewing Your Care and Support Plan / Getting your Views

We want to know what you think about our Home Care Service. Your views will help us to find out what works well for you and what we may need to improve on.

We aim to review your care and support plan every 6 months to make sure that you are happy with the level of support you are receiving from your Care at Home service and that it is meeting your needs.  During the review, we will also ask you for your views on how we are doing as a service.  This is an opportunity for us to listen and make appropriate changes to the level of support you are in receipt of (this may be an increase of support if we have identified you need some extra help or a decrease in support if you find you are managing to do more for yourself).

As it is always good to have constructive feedback about our service, during your review, you may wish to involve people who provide informal care to you such as your friends, family, neighbours or others close to you.

When you no longer need the services

You can stop your Care at Home service at any time. Just let us know and we will discuss it with you to make sure you can manage without the service.

Additional Information