We are committed to publishing information that helps you judge the performance of your council.

Strategic Plan Performance 2022-2027

Our West Dunbartonshire Strategic Plan (2022-2027) details the vision and values of the Council.  In ensuring we support communities to thrive and build on the strengths and resilience of our neighbourhoods, we are committed to leading and delivering dynamic and efficient high quality services.  The Strategic plan details the priorities of the Council:

This approach ensures that we support all residents to fulfil their individual potential and that of their communities and organise our services in the most effective and efficient ways to deliver our long term outcomes.   

We have set a range of performance indicators which help us measure our progress in delivering on our ambitions.   We are committed to being open and transparent about our progress so that residents and others can easily track our performance and hold us to account.  In doing this we will publish regular updates to show how the council is progressing against specific targets.   More detail on the performance against each priority area can be found by clicking the links above.

Annual Report 

Our Council Annual Report for 2022/23 looks at how we have performed against the priorities set out in our five year Strategic Plan 2022-2027. It tells you what we achieved in the year and also looks at how we used our resources to help deliver our priorities, including how we spent the money available to us.

You can also view our performance in a tabular report for all our Strategic Plan PIs.

Year End Service Performance for 2022/23

Each Strategic service area prepares an annual Delivery Plan which includes the actions they will deliver over the year and the performance indicators they will use to measure success. The details of the year end progress of each service against these plans are below;

Quarterly Strategic Performance

Quarterly performance reporting against the Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The Council Strategic Plan 2022-2027 was approved in November 2022, with a suite of performance indicators adopted as a performance management framework for the plan. Reporting of progress towards delivery of the Strategic Plan commitments forms a core element of annual Council public performance reporting (PPR).

We recognise that regularly reviewing performance indicator progress, against previous performance and targets, allows us to identify areas for improvement. Where performance data is available throughout the year, we will report progress of these on a quarterly basis and report on the progress of the full suite of performance indicators annually.

You can view the most recently published quarterly performance in a tabular report format. 

How We Compare 

All 32 councils are measuring a common set of PIs called the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF). Using the same indicators across all councils allows us to compare our performance so that we can identify best practice, learn from each other, and improve what we do.  

You can view data on how West Dunbartonshire Council compares to other councils in Scotland on the My Local Council tool.

West Dunbartonshire Council Good Governance Code

local code has been developed for West Dunbartonshire Council which describes the expectations as to what good governance is and how it can be evidenced.