Quarterly performance reporting against the Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The Council Strategic Plan 2017-2022 was approved in October 2017, with a suite of 40 indicators adopted as a performance management framework for the plan. These indicators are a mix of existing and new data and have incremental targets set until 2022.  Reporting of progress towards delivery of the Strategic Plan commitments forms a core element of annual Council public performance reporting (PPR).

Regularly reviewing performance indicator progress against target allows us to identify areas for improvement. All performance information is collated and reported through the Council’s performance management system, Pentana. 

While there are a range of indicators within the strategic plan scorecard which, as outcome indicators, cannot be reported more frequently than annually we also recognise the importance of early identification of issues and areas where additional action may be required.  Therefore a subset of the strategic plan scorecard indicators will be reported on a quarterly basis.  

You can also view the current years quarterly performance in a tabular report format. 

Q1 performance wheel


Quarter 4 performance wheel



Q2 strategic  performance wheel