Details of the election of member to serve in the parliament for the West Dunbartonshire County constituency

UK Parliamentary Election Results 2015

UK Parliament Election Result 2015 - Turn Out
Electorate Total votes Percentage poll
69,208 51,202 74%


UK Parliament Election Result 2015
Candidates Party Total Votes prior to election or exclusion
Maurice Corry Scottish Conservative and Unionist 3,597
Martin John Docherty Scottish National Party (SNP) 30,198
Gemma Doyle Scottish Labour Party 16,027
Aileen Morton Scottish Liberal Democrats 816
Claire Muir Independent 503
MP Elected: John Martin Docherty (SNP)

Ballot papers rejected:

UK Parliament Election Result 2015 - Ballot papers rejected
a) Want of an official mark


b) Voting for more than one candidate 11
c)  Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 1
d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty 49
Total no. of rejected votes 61