Details of any school or nursery closures as a result of severe weather will be listed on this page.

The Council currently has no school or nursery closures due to severe weather.

Find out if your school or nursery is closed

You can find out if your school or nursery is closed by

If a school is not mentioned on the list of closures it is open as usual.

If a school has a nursery attached, please assume if the school is closed, the nursery is also closed, unless we state otherwise.

We aim to always keep schools open as we need to provide education. We understand that poor weather conditions can make it difficult for all pupils to attend, however closing schools is very disruptive. If we have to make changes we will update you as soon as possible.

Contact your school or nursery

For detailed information on what is happening in your school you should contact the school directly or visit the school's website.

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