As a foster carer, you will need to have a passion for helping children and young people to lead a safe, happy and healthy life. We offer a comprehensive package to suit you. For example, if our carers wish West Dunbartonshire Council gives foster carers 2 weeks paid respite per year. If carers do not have a child in placement, we pay half the fee for up to six weeks.  This allows you to budget for your family and have the flexibility of being able to work together with us to be able to foster a child as and when they need a placement.

In addition to the fee, you receive as a foster carer, we provide allowances to enable you as a carer to meet the individual needs of the child or children that you are caring for. These allowances are based on the age of the child and their individually assessed needs.   Additional allowances are paid for things like birthday and holiday payments to ensure that you can enrich the lives of children.

We urgently need more foster carers and would like to chat informally with you. If you are interested contact us.

Foster Care Allowance Rates

Fostering Allowance Rates effective from 1st April 2022.

Fostering Allowances are paid per child.

Foster Care Allowance Rates
Age of Child Weekly Fostering Amounts
0-4 £168.31
5-10 £195.81
11-15 £218.60
16-18 £268.41


Fostering fees are paid to carers per child

Carers who are caring for 1 child.

  • Level 1 Fee £125 - Carers are Level 1 for the 1st Year following registration
  • Level 2 Fee £175


Carers caring for 2 or more children 

  • Level 1 Fee £100 per child per week
  • Level 2 Fee £150 per child per week



Level 2   Carers caring for 1 child 

5-10yrs £195.81 Allowance + £175 Fee = £370.81 per week


Level 1  Carers caring for 2 children:

0-4 yrs.   £168.31 Allowance    + £100 Fee = £268.31

5-10yrs.  £195.81 Allowance    + £100 Fee = £295.81

                                       =£564.12 per week


Level 2 

0-4 yrs.   £168.31 + £150 Fee = £318.31

5-10yrs.  £195.81 + £150 Fee = £345.81

                           =£664.12 per week