What is the Mentoring Scheme?

The Youth Mentoring project has been set up to help young people. Mentoring is linking you with an adult who can spend positive time with you and build upon your relationship. It is hoped this relationship will provide you with additional support and the opportunity to try new things.

Why Mentoring?

Growing up as a teenager can be a difficult time, having a good friend and support in the form of a mentor can prove to be very helpful.

Who does it?

The project makes use of people from the local community who are willing to commit time to you. These people are called Mentors; they are all ordinary people, both men and women of various ages and backgrounds, all interested in helping young people.

All of the Mentors have undertaken training courses and had security and background checks done, they are aware of issues facing young people today.

What will we do?

What you do with your mentor will be decided by you both. You may wish to undertake activities or hobbies or just spend some time together.

What Next?

If you would like to know more about the project then speak to Frances Devine.

Frances is the Project Co-ordinator, she will come out to meet you and discuss things further and will then match you up with a Mentor.