The success of a meeting depends on how it is chaired. The Chairperson is the person who makes sure things are done. They are not the person who does everything.

The Chairperson does two basic jobs:

1. Guide the association to achieve it’s aims

2. Chair the meetings of the association

Some of the duties of the Chairperson are:

  • Know the constitution;
  • Agree with the secretary on the agenda and the arrangements for the meeting;
  • Help prepare the agendas;
  • Welcome members and introduce guests;
  • Stop anyone taking over and dominating discussions;
  • Sum up problems, points, decisions;
  • Keep order at the meeting make sure everyone has an opportunity to have their say;
  • Get through the agenda on time; and
  • Make sure decisions are carried out

A Chairperson should always have:

  • A diary
  • The necessary paperwork for the meeting
  • A notepad and pen
  • A folder to keep the paperwork
  • A watch or clock to keep the meeting on time