Tenants and residents groups are community groups made up of local volunteers who come together to promote the interests of tenants and residents in their area.

The groups provide a collective (and stronger) voice for tenants in the area, and an organisation which can lobby to get changes made and act as a focus for consultation.  Most offer advice to local people and represent their communities when working with the Council and some provide other services such as gala days, or gardening or bingo clubs.

Setting up a tenants and residents group

If there isn't a tenants and residents group in your area you can start one up.  We can support you through each of the steps and provide training which will help your group to develop skills in organising and chairing meetings and secretary and treasurer duties.  We will also provide you with funding to meet costs to hire venues, advertise your meetings, travel, stationery and any other costs associated with you setting up and running a tenants and residents organisation.  We will make sure that you are not out of pocket, that you are supported and that your group progresses at a pace with which you are comfortable.  A basic guide for starting and running a Tenants and Residents Association effectively and independently is available to download.

Basic Guide

Register of Tenants and Residents Associations in West Dunbartonshire

Useful Information for Tenant and Resident Associations

Guidance on Group Roles:

Guidance on Tenant and Resident Group Meetings:

Guidance on Finance:

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