How to report a repair

The office bearer or committee member can report a repair by contacting Maintenance & Repairs on:

For some repairs, a Maintenance Officer may have to visit the community flat. Once the Maintenance Officer passes the repair to the contractor, we will send you a receipt.

When will the repair be done?

We put repairs into categories. When you report a repair we will tell you what category it is in. The target time your repair will be carried out depends on the category it is in.

Emergency repairs

These repairs will be carried out within 24 hours, as there may be a risk to health and safety. Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • burst pipes causing flooding
  • dangerous electrical faults
  • loss or partial loss of central heating.
  • making secure vandalised windows/doors

Urgent repairs

These repairs will be carried out in either 5 or 10 working days as they may develop into a health or safety risk. Examples of urgent repairs include:

  • Installation of a new light switch or electric socket;
  • minor leaks that are not causing damage to your home;
  • and replacing taps
  • replacing washer to taps
  • reglaze windows

Routine repairs

We will carry out these repairs within 40 working days or as part of a planned maintenance programme. These non-urgent repairs may be affected by budget availability. Examples of routine repairs include:

  • Repairs to internal doors, handles, kitchen units
  • non-urgent paths or external works such as cleaning gutters.

Gas maintenance

City Technical will service your gas central-heating system once a year. This is to make sure that it is safe and to repair any faults. They will contact you before the service is due. You must give them access to the community flat to do this work.

If there is a gas leak, you must:

  • put out all cigarettes and not light any matches;
  • not use electrical switches;
  • switch off all gas equipment;
  • turn off the pilot light and main gas supply; and
  • call Transco on freephone 0800 111999.

The main gas tap is normally near the gas meter. If you are not sure where it is, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


If your electricity goes off, check if other houses in your area are affected. If they are, please contact your electricity supplier.
If isolated to your own property report to Maintenance & Repairs.