This Budget is part of the Housing Revenue Account that all tenants’ rent and Housing Benefit is paid into. The Tenant Priority Budget has been delivering neighbourhood improvements for a number of years.

For this financial year, £800,000 is open to proposals from tenants.

Any tenant can make a proposal which can be done by filling in the online form below. You can also contact the Tenant Participation team at, or phone Hanne (Tenant Participation Officer) on  07823 664 247 if you have any questions or would like a paper copy of the form.

The criteria for a proposal is:

  • must benefit tenants.
  • be on land owned by the Housing Revenue Account ( we can help confirm that)
  • the idea should be something that the landlord would not be obliged to carry out but it improves the area.

Due to the current lockdown restrictions, only some external proposals will be able to be costed up just now and we will also make arrangements for how tenants can decide what proposals can go ahead depending on the rate that lockdown is eased.


Tenant Priority Budget

There were 3 public meetings and information on them is still available.