The minute is a record of the meeting. It notes the items on
the agenda and what discussion, decision and actions were agreed.

The minute should be circulated to all members before the next meeting.

What items should a minute record?

  • Who was present, when and where
  • It should follow the agenda items
  • Be short, clear, easy to read and understand
  • Include a decisions made and who actions the decision, if
  • Record monthly financial reports and any financial decisions made at the meeting
  • Detail incoming correspondence and decisions about replies


  • It is a good idea to include an option column stating who is responsible for carrying out decisions made or actions to be done
  • Write up the minute as soon as possible after meeting while your memory is still fresh about what happened at the meeting
  • Share the task. Have a correspondence secretary and a minute secretary if possible

Sample Minute

Minute of ………………………..Tenants & Residents Association
Committee Meeting on
at C.E. Centre, Dumbarton

  1. Present, apologies & welcome
    The Chairperson makes sure all attendees have
    signed in, apologies are registered and guests are
    introduced.  Any actions noted.
  2. Minute of previous meeting
    Minute is checked for accuracy and amendments
    noted. Minute is approved and seconded by two of
    the committee who were at the previous meeting. Any actions noted.
  3. Matters arising from minutes and outstanding
    Requests for updates are given and noted. If an item
    is also on the current agenda it should be discussed
    then.  Any actions noted.
  4. Correspondence/Secretary’s report
    The Secretary reads out any correspondence
    received. The committee agrees a response or
    action if required.  Any actions noted.
  5. Treasurer’s report
    Treasurer gives an update on any income or
    expenditure since the previous meeting. Any future
    expenditure is discussed and approved by the
    committee.  Any actions noted.
  6. Community Police
    Guest speaks and answers any questions.
  7. Consultation meeting
    Note discussion, decision and who actions.  Any actions noted.
  8. Any other business
    Note items raised, discussion, decision and who
    actions.  Any actions noted.
  9. Date / time / place of next meeting
    Record date, time and place of next meeting.