Valuing our volunteers – references for anyone actively involved for at least 6 months

The Tenant Participation (TP) Strategy 2021-2024 sets out the Council’s commitment to effective consultation and participation so that by working with tenants we can continuously improve the homes we provide and the Housing services that tenants receive.

Without tenants who volunteer, we can’t have tenant participation and we value the time that tenants give up to get involved with us.

We hope that any involvement will be personally rewarding but we also,

  • provide support and training to help tenants get involved
  • provide transport or cover travelling expenses for any tenant attending a meeting arranged by Housing Services
  • TP Grants cover out of pocket expenses for Tenant & Resident Associations (TRA) members as well as the running costs of registered TRAs.

Volunteering in any tenant participation activity can also be a good way to help people get back into employment or looking to change jobs, and we will provide references for any tenant who has been actively involved for at least 6 months.

Tenant Participation staff will provide the reference based on evidence of active involvement for at least 6 months which could include regular attendance at meetings or involvement in setting up a community event.

This covers any tenant participation activity so includes volunteering on our Scrutiny Panel, Reader’s Panel, Interested Tenant Register, Sheltered Housing Forum as well as involvement in a TRA.

If you are applying for a new job, which requires a reference please contact us and we can provide a written reference to you or direct to the employer.

Tenant Participation Team