WDC/WDTRO Liaison Meeting No.88

Thursday 22nd February 2024, 1:30pm, Denny meeting room, 16 Church Street, Dumbarton (plus zoom option)


List of those present at meeting:

  • Councillor Gurpreet Johal, Housing Convener (chaired meeting)
  • Frances McGonagle, Littleholm TRA - on zoom
  • Janette Donlin, Dalmuir MSF TRA
  • Jacqui Peacock, Dalmuir MSF TRA
  • June Todd, WDTRO
  • Harry McCormack, Tullichewan TRA
  • Mary Paton, Willox Park TRA - on zoom
  • Scott McLelland, Housing Operations Co-ordinator ( Dumbarton)
  • John Kerr, Housing Development & Homelessness Manager
  • Amanda Kean, WDC LHEES Officer
  • Ana Deevy, Housing Development Officer (Tenant Participation)
  • Jane Mack, Snr Housing Development Officer (Tenant Participation)
  • Martin Feeney, Building Services Manager- on zoom
  • Alan Young, Housing Asset & Investment Manager - on zoom

Welcome & Apologies

Apologies received from Ruby Wilkins (Dalmuir TRA), Stefan Kristmanns, (Housing Development Co-ordinator), Nicola Pettigrew ( Housing Operations Manager) and Councillor Hazel Sorrell ( Vice Housing Convener).

Updates on actions from previous meetings – copy of updated actions distributed ahead of meeting

  • Lift protocol – out of hours process been successfully implemented and agreed action is complete.
  • Review of cyclical programmes -programme for 24/25 in development and will be in position to share for the April Liaison meeting.
  • Repair cancellation text – ongoing discussions around best approach
  • Annual visits – will be reviewed in April 2024 in line with further development of mobile app
  • Repair for broken glass panel at Dunswin Ct – last update stated would be done in January but not been done – Martin not aware and would get an update.
  • All actions from December meeting been completed – Encouraging tenants to update contact details article being included in Spring Housing News plus poster on noticeboards, MSF Noticeboards being updated with current Housing Officer details, walkabout process been shared internally, and a pictogram created to highlight key stages of process.

In terms of MSF noticeboards being updated with HO details, Jane advised that the one at West Court was in a letter format so small text and didn’t stand out and suggested a template be provided for HOs to use – the notice at Dunswin Court was much clearer – done as a poster, larger print and on yellow paper. Scott agreed to get a template provided for HOs.

WDC ‘s Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) (Amanda Kean – WDC LHEES Officer)

Amanda shared a presentation on the Council’s Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy. Statutory duty to have a strategy and aim is to reduce greenhouse gases by 2030, as far as reasonably possible, reduce fuel poverty by 2040 and have net zero emissions from buildings by 2045. It’s a long term strategy - starts with collecting data , identifying areas to focus on and then how to deliver. Positive development in Clydebank is the WD Energy Centre- Scotland’s largest water source district heating system.

West Dunbartonshire’s LHEES going to be consulted on starting in March and will be looking for tenants’ views. Once the LHEE delivery plan is created, it will develop as technology and best practice evolves and will be updated at least every 5 years.

Amanda will let Jane and Ana know the consultation plans once they are finalised to promote to tenants- will last for 6 weeks.

Update on WDC’s work on tackling the dampness and mould including the air sensors and response so far to dealing with tenants requests – how many inspections have been done within 2 day target and follow up repairs within 10 days? –update provided ahead of meeting

Update shows the number of sensors been installed as well as the number of inspections carried out following a tenant report of dampness as well as number of follow up repairs completed.

Gurpreet highlighted the response he had had since the press release on the programme and is a key HRA investment.

Agreed to continue to monitor progress.

Update on new kitchen installations and the process with tenants – what gets provided and should it not be discussed with tenants? One recent example is a kitchen installed without provision of drawers. (Alan Young)- copy of process distributed ahead of meeting

Process set out but wasn’t followed in the example the WDTRO had put forward – Alan advised that isn’t a complaint they have had before so it had been a one-off but has been rectified now.

Repairs performance update – performance info distributed ahead of meeting

Performance improving and majority of targets being met. Agreed to continue to monitor.

Repairs call handling performance– performance info distributed ahead of meeting

Number of calls abandoned went up as volume of calls went up but average queue time is still much lower than before – around 2.5 minutes. Longest queue times still a concern – between 42 and 48 minutes. Agreed to continue to monitor.

Walkabout process, updates and any issues – copy of process map and updated spreadsheet shared ahead of meeting.

Ana updated that the new walkabout process in place and will use the spreadsheet to monitor updates and aim is to ensure that all walkabouts are done consistently well and are effective.

Gurpreet raised issue of having the right officers at the walkabout and all sections should be represented – Scott advised that that not always possible, but all issues would still be recorded and raised with the relevant team. Ana confirmed that this is why the action plans and monitoring progress was important to ensure all issues get dealt with.

Harry reiterated that the Tullichewan walkabouts have been worthwhile and very effective.

Forward plan (John Kerr) – including update on Brunswick, Montreal and Quebec.

John advised that there were 3 main papers going to the Housing & Communities Committee on 28/2.

  1. New build update and includes request to start process for creating subsidiary to build other tenures. Paper includes update on the step back at the O’Hare site in Bonhill due to ground conditions as costs too high so looking at doing a different housing mix in future.
  2. Buy back policy – policy being refreshed to prioritise larger properties and have changed to scoring matrix to prioritise them as well as energy efficiency. Policy also extends option to buy back non ex council properties if they types and size needed.
  3. Willox Park– following option appraisal and tenant consultation, recommendation is for redevelopment of the site.

Council’s report on the HRA rent setting published today (22/2) and going to Council budget setting meeting on 6/3/24.

Brunswick, Montreal and Quebec – demolition slightly delayed to May as need to carry out a bat survey and can only be done at certain times of the year. Contractor on site doing prep work. Before any redevelopment, need to assess the site fully to see what can feasibly be developed there.

Clydebank East – going well and first hand over of new homes should be in August.

Pappert – on site next week and contractor starting on the carpark ahead of planning permissions.

Good progress on rest of sites and are set out in the HACC paper and can be discussed in more detail at the Pre-HACC Forum on Monday 26/2. For Buybacks have a full-time officer working on them since 15/1 so will be able to meet target of 60 purchases a year.

Tenant Participation update (Jane Mack)

Spring edition of the Housing News is being designed and due to be posted out to tenants 22/3 and link to the web version will be sent to staff.

Joint Rent Group continue to meet and next full JRG is on 21/3. Any comments about the rent setting information that was used this year to be passed onto Jane - want to continually improve the info as need to get the balance right between providing enough info for tenants to make informed choices and it be understandable.

WD Scrutiny Panel have started a new scrutiny exercise and are looking at the repairs journey from a tenant reporting a repair to it’s completion and focusing on non emergency repairs. Once they finish, they will share their report with the HIB and WDTRO.

TRA update- Ana continuing to support the TRA‘s and focus remains on boosting their numbers. Spring TP Update will also be issued out to staff, councillors and TRA members next week.

Been working alongside the gypsy/traveller group who this week went to the Scottish Parliament with colleagues for a screening of a film highlighting gypsy/traveller rights and there is also a visit to the Dennistoun Forge site arranged for councillors on 28/2.

As part of the ongoing support provided to TRAs, a training session was organised on positive speaking and confidence building to help people contribute at meetings effectively as well as motivating their members at their own meetings and it was well received.

WDC’s Tenant Participation Strategy is due for review this year so are beginning to plan how we will do that and will be looking for views from tenants and staff so that we can continue to develop TP and ensure that it is as effective as possible.


Scott advised that they were looking at the ASB Strategy and already collected views through the Citizen Panel and second consultation will start in mid-April. The ASB Strategy is a key umbrella document for all partners. Scott will liaise with the WDTRO to get their views on the draft Strategy.

Date of next meeting –Thursday 25 April, 1;30pm at Clydebank Town Hall.