West Dunbartonshire Council introduced the Help to Rent scheme to assist those in housing need access the private rented sector by providing a guarantee or cash deposit.   When renting privately a prospective tenant usually has to find a months rent and also the initial deposit at the start of the tenancy. This can be a financial resource that some do not have and prevents them from being able to consider the private rented sector as a sustainable housing option.

The Help to Rent scheme has been designed to be as flexible as possible, to ensure that those in housing need and requiring assistance with the deposit,  are able to consider housing in the private rented sector as a viable option.   

The Help to Rent scheme has been in operation since 2019 and has assisted clients to obtain and settle into private rented accommodation.  These clients have now successfully sustained their tenancies for a year and longer, as they were able to find affordable accommodation of the right size and in the right area for their needs.

However it is becoming more difficult to find private rented accommodation and this is where you, as a private landlord, may be able to help.  West Dunbartonshire Council is asking those landlords who are interested in this project and want to find out more about the advantages that it can provide, to contact the Empty Homes Officer for a chat about your accommodation and to answer any questions you may have about this scheme.

The Empty Homes Officer can be contacted by email on helptorent@west-dunbarton.gov.uk or by telephone on 07747 532 987.