Working4U Learning service were successful in the submission for re-approval of the CLD Standards Mark.

Combination of West Dunbartonshire Council and CLD Standards Council logos.

The Standards Mark is the route offered for organisations who offer CLD learning to staff: from the smallest voluntary sector project to local authorities and national agencies. The Standards Mark process looks at the whole range of learning opportunities offered, not one specific programme, as well as the learning culture of the organisation.

The CLD Standards Council created the Standards Mark in response to feedback from a changing, growing and developing sector.

The Standards Mark:

  • Provides national recognition of CLD learning opportunities for practitioners with strong focus on the values, principles, competences and Code of Ethics for CLD
  • Celebrates success and promotes good practice and impact
  • Establishes a developmental framework using peer moderation to enhance learning opportunities for CLD practitioners

The Standards Mark is designed to support employers to:

  • Ensure that their organisation becomes a learning community for the entire workforce
  • Develop and implement a CPD policy
  • Provide continuous leadership and support for CPD opportunities
  • Strengthen and extend local partnerships
  • Encourage sharing of impact and learning from good practice

Our vision for all CLD practitioners is that their participation in continuous professional development activities will be a central and established part of their practice.

The Standards Mark will nurture a culture of learning in our sector in order that individual practitioner’s engagement with professional learning will contribute to the development of the whole profession. Through this they will demonstrate and enhance their commitment to a culture of learning:

  • Where learning is celebrated, recognised and encouraged
  • Where learning is reflected on and shared
  • Where challenge is relished and embraced
  • Where critical reflection is embedded in practice
  • Where individuals can explore learning related to their role throughout their careers

This culture is underpinned by the values and competences of CLD and commitment to our Code of Ethics.

We received glowing feedback on our submission, here is what they said in their members bulletin:

CLDSC is delighted to announce the re-approval of West Dunbartonshire Council’s (WDC) Standard Mark approval. The Approval Panel commented that the submission for approval was 'Gold Standard' and have been granted permission from WDC to use the submission for training purposes.

The submission provided lots of clear, strong evidence of West Dunbartonshire’s commitment to CLD and the values, principles, code of ethics and competences. Evidence provided illustrated how the code of ethics is a foundation of CLD practice. Examples provided in the submission were as a result of ethical consultation, practice and statements of intent, as demonstrated in the WDC three year CLD plan. The Approval Panel also highlighted that a good range of digital support is available and particularly appreciated the use of Padlet to share information.

It is heartening to see that WDC recognise the value of providing CLD Practice Placement opportunities. And, great to see the importance placed on CLD qualifications as a requirement on job specifications.

Well done! And a final message from the Approval Panel – 'Congratulations and thanks for making our decision so much easier'.