The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland's young people. 

  • Elections are held every two years, in which young people from all across Scotland stand as candidates to become Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs).
  • MSYPs range in age from 14 to 25 and represent constituencies in all 32 local authorities throughout the country, and several national voluntary organisations.
  • SYP was established on 30 June 1999, making us one day older than the Scottish Parliament.
  • In West Dunbartonshire, you have two MSYPs: one for the Dumbarton constituency and one for the Clydebank & Milngavie constituency.

For the period 2019 – 2022, the Dumbarton MSYP is Dylan Murdoch and the Clydebank and Milngavie MSYP is Hayley Paku. 

The SYP elections for the term 2022 – 2024 took place in November 2021 and saw Tian Qi Yu elected as the MSYP for Dumbarton and Jessica Boyle elected as the MSYP for Clydebank and Milngavie.

You can find out more about your MSYPs by heading over to the YoungScot website.