West Dunbartonshire Council Working4U Foundation Apprenticeship course are either a one year Shorter Duration Delivery Model or 2 year model aimed at pupils entering the Senior Phase at Secondary School.

Foundation Apprenticeship subjects can be selected as an option choice in S5 and S6.  You will gain industry knowledge and experience while you're still at school.

The following Foundation Apprenticeship subject is available at SCQF Level 5:

The following Foundation Apprenticeship subjects are available at SCQF Level 6:

A Foundation Apprenticeship can lead to a Modern Apprenticeship or a Graduate Apprenticeship.

Some universities offer enhanced recognition if applying for a degree in the same subject area as your Foundation Apprenticeship (e.g. FA Business Skills into Degree Business Skills).  Find out how Foundation Apprenticeships are recognised across the various Scottish University degree opportunities.

If you want to find out more, email Working4U.