Denny’s first ship, the paddle steamer Loch Lomond

Of all the names associated with shipbuilding in the town of Dumbarton, the name of Denny stands above all others.

The firm, that became William Denny and Brothers, started in a small shipyard on the north bank of the River Leven in 1844, and grew to become one of the most interesting and important shipbuilding firms in the country. The pioneering use of steel in shipbuilding, the building of the first turbine passenger steamer, the use of progressive trials for ships, and the design and construction of one of the first helicopters to fly, are just some of the notable achievements of the Dumbarton firm.

Dumbarton should be proud of its industrial past. For almost 120 years, one of the most remarkable shipbuilding concerns existed in the town. In the history of shipbuilding in the United Kingdom, William Denny and Brothers feature prominently. The influence of the company spread far beyond these shores, and to this day, after nearly 50 years after its liquidation, the Denny name still stirs considerable interest amongst students, historians, and people who are fascinated by ships and shipbuilding.