By the early 1920s, the Clydebank Burgh Band had already amassed at least six Scottish Championship titles and numerous other honours. As many of their members were employed at the Singer Factory, the Clock Tower seems an appropriate backdrop to their display of recently-won trophies.

Initially, when Singer re-located to Clydebank, many of the firm's employees joined the nearest local band, the Duntocher Brass (or Silver) Band. In 1899, however, the Clydebank members decided to form their own band, with a deciding factor being the offer of free practice premises in Singer's Kilbowie Dining Hall. Controversially, the men took their instruments with them when they left the Duntocher band. This led, in August of that year, to the celebrated "Battle of the Bands" when the Duntocher men marched to the Kilbowie Dining Hall and recovered, by force, the instruments taken by the Clydebank men!