This Section offers a range of pest related and pest control services and advice.

West Dunbartonshire Council takes action, as necessary, to ensure that the district is kept free from rats, mice and other pests

The Council's Pest Control Service can provide you with advice and assistance if you are experiencing problems with rodents, insects or birds.

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective range of services, including the control of rats, mice, insects, wasps, fleas and bed bugs.  Our team of pest control officers are fully trained in the safe use of insecticides, rodenticides and pesticides. Most treatments are carried out on a chargeable basis.  Treatment for Council owned properties is charged to the Housing Department and for Housing Associations the treatment is charged to the relevant association.

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Many people who have gulls on or around their property find them annoying.

Common problems include:

  • Noise caused by calling gulls and by their heavy foot falls
  • Mess from droppings falling on washing, gardens and people
  • Damage to property - gulls may pick at roofing materials or nest in gutters

More serious problems include:

  • Birds can dive and swoop on people and pets. This usually occurs when chicks have fallen from the nest and adult birds attempt to prevent them coming to harm by frightening away potential threats
  • Blocked gas flues caused by nesting materials can have serious consequences if gas fumes are stopped from venting properly

The Council can arrange for treatment of gull problems.  Prices for this service are as follows -

  • Sole House Owner ( e.g. detached, semi, bungalow, terrace). Initial survey with removal of eggs and nests and installation of gull proofing measures - £278.40
  • 4-in a block. Initial survey with removal of eggs and nests and installation of gull proofing measures - £299.80
  • Tenement or block of flats. Initial survey with removal of eggs and nests and installation of gull proofing measures - £356.92

These prices are based on a standard job however extra charges may be applicable where the contractor has to hire in lifting equipment or specialist roof workers to work on roofs that are deemed too high or dangerous to work safely on.   

Where no work is required after the contractor visit, a refund will be issued minus the survey fee of £86.65.

*Please note this service is seasonal and runs from 1 April to 30 September each season.* (It is Council policy not to cull gull chicks when undertaking any of our services, except in exceptional circumstances.)  

*Please also note we will only respond to calls where seagulls have built or are in the process of building their nests on a property.

You can book a service using the form below.  Payment is required in advance and will be taken at the end of the form.

Pest Control - Seagulls 

For further information please contact 01389 738282.