We deal with a range of litter problems throughout West Dunbartonshire. We are responsible for keeping roads clean and litter-free within the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. We are also responsible for other public spaces, such as parks, play areas, and beaches. The service is provide by emptying litter bins, a routine sweeping process, in addition to ad hoc sweeping where additional demands require it.

Street cleaning programme

How Often Do We Clean The Streets?

We base our street cleaning programme on perceived need with frequencies of cleaning varying depending on location. We do not have the resources to sweep all streets at the same frequency. If you think an area has fallen below the high standard of cleanliness you expect, tell us and we will respond by inspecting the area. If we agree that the area falls short of the standard, we will bring the area back up to standard within a reasonable period according to the particular zone that the area relates to. If you would like to find out about the cleaning frequency of your street, please contact us.

What Are Our Standards?

Because of the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse and as part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, street cleaning has to be performed through a variety of approaches. There are four grades of Street Cleanliness Standards:

  • Grade A - no litter or refuse.

  • Grade B - predominantly free of litter and refuse apart from small items.

  • Grade C - widespread distribution of litter with minor accumulations.

  • Grade D - heavily littered with significant accumulations.

Areas are split into five main zones. The zones are used to categorise the type of land, reflecting how busy they are for pedestrian traffic and how much litter is likely to be generated:

  • Zone 1 covers town centres etc. and areas where large numbers of people congregate;

  • Zone 2 covers high density residential areas.

  • Zone 3 covers low density areas.

  • Zone 4 covers mainly urban fringe and rural sites; and

  • Zone 7 covers country roads linking towns or villages.

If you would like to find out about the cleaning frequency of your street, please contact us.