Your kitchen caddy can be used to recycle the following items in your brown bin:

  • Meat & fish
  • Egg shells
  • Bones
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Dairy products including eggs & cheese
  • Bread, cakes, pastry
  • Beans, pasta, rice
  • Tea bags & coffee grounds
  • Leftovers, including take away meals.

You can also reduce your food waste by using these tips:

Planning and Preparation

Planning your meals for the week ahead can assist you reducing the amount of food waste you generate and also saves you money.

Always keep your cupboard stocked up with staple items e.g. rice and pasta, this makes it easier to plan your meals ahead.

If you are making a dish that will freeze well, make extra so that you can freeze the rest for another night, when you know you will be busy or home late.


Remember to check the recommended portion sizes available on ingredients such as rice and pasta.

Packs of meat and fish can be separated down into smaller portions for the freezer so you only have to take out what you need.  Remember to check cooking guidelines when freezing and defrosting food.

Storing food

Store vegetables and fruit (except bananas) in the fridge, this can make them last up to a fortnight longer.

For longer storage, you can freeze your bread on the day of purchase and take it out when needed.

Try rotating the food in your fridge so that any food that needs to be eaten first is at the front.

Further information on reducing food waste is available on the Zero Waste Scotland website.