Standard Faults

Standard faults for lighting columns are passed to our contractor daily who usually attends to them within three working days.

If the fault is not repaired within the three working days usually this means further work is required to repair the column.

Emergency Faults

If any emergency faults are reported we pass them to our contractor at once & they are attended to within two hours.

Day Burning Lamps

In some cases lamps will be left on for 24 hours per day until a long-lasting repair can be completed. The electricity supply to the lighting columns is not metered, so running costs are calculated on a yearly basis. The cost is based on the number and power of lamps and the agreed number of hours (burning hours) that lamps will be on when it is dark - approximately 4100 hours per annum.

Lamps can be seen burning during the day for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ongoing maintenance works - switched off when work completed

  • Failure of the controlling photo cell - a fault that is easily repaired

  • Faulty controlling time clock - a fault that is easily repaired.

  • Left on to test for a period of time after a Dark Section fault.

Dark Sections

Dark Sections are normally attended to on the working day they are reported to us. We send our contractor to the fault first, to investigate & find out what is causing the section fault. Some times these section faults can be repaired by the contractor, but some time the faults are out with the council's control! In these cases we require to contact Scottish Power to assist in repairing the Fault.

Due to the Service Level Agreement Scottish Power has with all Local Authorities in Scotland this could take up to 20 working days to be fixed.

Fault Summary

Fault Summary
Fault Attended in (working Days)
Dark lamp  Three Days
Day Burner  Three Days
Door Off  Two Hours
Visor Off  Same Day
Column Damaged  Two Hours
Section Out  Same Day
Replace Lantern  Seven Days
Scottish Power Fault  20 Days