West Dunbartonshire Council provides around 65 School Crossing Patrollers at sites in and around our 34 Primary Schools.


A School Crossing Patroller can assist anyone who wants to cross the road but they are predominately provided to assist school children.

When crossing with a School Crossing Patroller you should;

  • Stand behind the kerb.
  • Listen carefully to their instructions.
  • Cross only when the Patroller is in the middle of the road with their sign displayed, and traffic has stopped AND the Patroller has told you it is safe.
  • Walk smartly to the opposite pavement but don't run.
  • The Patroller will not move away from the centre of the road until you are safely on the opposite footway. 


  • Watch out for School Crossing Patrollers on routes to schools, there will usually be signs warning you of their presence and often flashing amber lights too.
  • Remember the School Crossing Sign is a legal road sign and therefore must be obeyed; you MUST stop to let pedestrians cross.
  • Please be courteous and do not stop too close to the School Crossing Patroller and only move off again once the Patroller has returned to the footway.

For any enquiries to do with the School Crossing Patrol Service please email: roads@west-dunbarton.gov.uk