The Council must provide an education to children who cannot attend school through ill-health.

West Dunbartonshire Council has a duty to provide an education to children off school due to illness. The education we provide will vary with each pupil. It will take into account constraints due to their illness and recovery.

The school will refer your child for education out-with school if they are absent for:

  • 15 continuous working days
  • 20 working days on an irregular basis.

This period of absence will include time spent at home recovering.

Learning out-with school

We, in discussion with you and your child, will draw up a short-term child's plan. This plan forms the basis of your child's education out-with school.

Your child should get some regular face to face contact with a teacher. The amount of contact will vary depending on the child. A child who is less able to take part in independent learning or who is working towards examinations may get more contact.

The learning resources we use will include:

  • homework from school
  • telephone conversations
  • faxed materials
  • email and internet resources
  • home tuition from child's school
  • education in a specialist centre at the school or elsewhere
  • home or hospital teaching by specialist staff.

During your child's recovery, the school will decide if your child's home education can be supported by school staff. If this is not possible, then the Interrupted Learners' Service will provide a specialist service. During their absence school staff will record missed work to make sure your child gets the same education as their class.

Return to school

Your child's school will remain involved during their period of ill-health. The school will be involved with their hospital based or home education. This continued involvement means a consistent approach to your child's education and a smoother return to school.

After an illness your child may feel isolated from school staff and their peers. They may fear returning to school, especially if their appearance has changed. A return to school may be more difficult if the child's physical needs have changed, they require medication, etc.

Our schools will make every effort to be flexible and to make arrangements to suit your child.

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