Conditions and Regulations Let for Accommodation in Schools & Pitches - School Session 2024/25

Please read the following carefully, any breach of these regulations and conditions may lead to a let being withdrawn.

Making an Application

All applications must be requested through the online applications form on the booking school sports facilities page.

The receipt of a completed application does not constitute an acceptance of the application; all applications are subject to Council approval to ensure that they are consistent with the principles and values of the Council.

If your application is for a Sessional Let you must provide all dates required for the duration of the let.

Should the responsible person change a new application form will need to be completed.  

Lets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please note that priority is given to school lets and your let may be cancelled on occasions. We try to give as much notice as possible of a cancellation, however in urgent circumstances less notice may be given. On these occasions a full refund will be given.

All cancellations or adjustments you make to your booking must be made in writing to Refunds will only be provided if 3 working days’ notice is given

School premises should not normally be let to organisations during the summer holiday period.  Recognition of the need for the authority to carry out painting, maintenance and repair work and holiday entitlement of janitorial and cleaning staff should be taken before granting use of school premises during the summer holiday period.

The following exception which is not exhaustive will be permitted: Summer games and extension programmes operated by the Education Authority, summer camps and visiting parties, exchange groups

All organisations shall observe two weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year period in addition to the normal statutory holidays when the janitor/facilities assistant is not normally on duty during the day.

Requests for Specialised accommodation and/or equipment

Granting of a let does not confer the use of specialist equipment and facilities within the school.  Specialised accommodation such as laboratories, workshops and language laboratories shall not be let under the general letting scheme to organisations or individuals.  The Chief Education Officer, Education, Learning & Attainment will deal with such requests.

Dining halls shall be let in accordance with the normal letting procedures only where no other suitable accommodation is available.

School kitchens will not be let under the general letting procedures.  Separate application for permission to use a kitchen (school use only), must be made to


Charges are based on an hourly rate according to the size of the accommodation. Accommodation must be vacated by the stated time otherwise an additional charge will be levied. Information for charges can be found on the school lets fees document.

Payment for Occasional Lets

All confirmed Occasional Let applications require to be paid at point of confirmation of booking. You will be given the cost of let(s) and asked to make payment by card over the telephone.  Let will not be confirmed until payment made. If payment is not made at this point the let will be withdrawn and offered to others. Payments are non-refundable unless cancellation request is sent to at least 3 working days’ notice is given.

Invoices will only be issued in exceptional circumstances for occasional lets. The Lessee must have already completed a pro-forma to have invoices emailed as they will not be posted. Invoices must be paid within 7 days of issue, or X amount of days before let. Should invoice remain unpaid let will be withdrawn and made available to others.

Ways to pays invoice will be note on the invoice. For customers who do not hold a bank account, payments can be made in cash at Virgin Money, 32 Sylvania Way South, Clydebank, G81 1EA.

Payment for Sessional Lets

A single invoice will be issued to lessee for all confirmed Sessional Lets. The cost is broken down into ten or less payments depending on the duration of the let. This invoice may be paid in full or by monthly Standing Order. Details on how to pay can be found on the invoice.  All lets must be paid for in advance, therefore it may be necessary to make payment over the telephone for the first month and a single invoice issued for the remainder of the session.


Should a lessee fail to make payment by the due date indicated on the single invoice, the let will be withdrawn and offered to others. There is no period arrears.

Cancellation of let must be submitted at least 3 working days before due. Refund will be provided by issuing a credit note that will be “paid towards” full invoice. Invoice will not be re-issued or re distributed due to cancellations.

General Code of Conduct: For Football Pitch and Hockey Pitch users the following applies

  • Noise levels must remain reasonable at all times showing consideration to nearby residents. Abusive and foul language will not be tolerated.
  • No Urinating in public, toilet facilities are available in the building.
  • No Alcohol is permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • No Smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • No Eating is permitted on the pitches
  • Glass bottles are not allowed on the Sports Pitches.  All litter must be cleared away after let. Bins and plastic bags are located nearby the facilities.
  • Only footwear appropriate to the sports pitches must be worn. For the sand dressed Hockey Pitch currently for football the following applies; no studs, no spike and no blades.
  • Lessees must take full responsibility for all spectators of both home and away teams.
  • Lessee must take responsibility for the condition of all changing rooms used by both home and away teams. Changing rooms are required to be checked by the lessee after use to ensure in a clean & tidy condition for the next let. Failure to do so may prevent any future lets.
  • Lessee must ensure that pitch is vacated before floodlights switched off at 9.55pm

For all users the following applies

All users of school premises shall comply with the “Smoking & Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005, which strictly forbids smoking within premises including outside entrances, exits & fire exits of the surrounding curtilage.

Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto or consumed in the school premises unless written permission to consume alcohol has been granted by the Chief Officer of Education Learning & Attainment, individuals attending the event must not be under the influence of alcohol. Permission will only be granted where the let applicant can demonstrate appropriate measures will be put in place to protect the safety of children and young people.

Should any furniture be moved during a let, it must always be returned to the same position.

Let Times

All bookings made in respect of the premises shall be subject to the times stated on the application form. Entry to the premises will be given at the time requested on the application form. Lessees shall ensure that the premises are vacated by the time stated on the let application form.

A let normally would not extend beyond 11.00pm.  Lets extending beyond 11.00pm would only be given when suitable arrangements could be made and normally only on Friday and Saturdays.

A charge will be incurred by Schools/Parent Councils etc. if let extends beyond 11.00pm.

Licensing and Private/Commercial lets

Educational premises should not be let for the purpose of private gain by an individual or commercial organisation.  School premises are not licensed for public entertainment and admission to function where a charge is made must be by ticket only and no money must be taken at the door.

Community groups can now obtain a limited number of special licences for sale of excisable liquor for functions in schools.  Request for approval to apply for a liquor licence in connection with a let should be made to the Chief Officer, Education, Learning & Attainment.  Such requests would be considered on their individual merits and should be made at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the let.  Permission shall not be given for the consumption of excisable liquor in school premises on Mondays to Thursdays inclusive during the school term. 

If your event requires approval for a civic entertainment licence for example, a gala day where animals are present, selling of food or similar activity is to take place, applications should be made to WDC Legal Services –

Disclosure (PVG)

The legal responsibility for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children (under 18 years) that attend school lets rests with the individual or organisation that organises the let. The responsibility does not rest with the council.

Loss, Injury or Damage

Organisations making use of school premises shall accept full responsibility for any accident, injury or damage to any person, which may occur as a result of their use of the premises.  The Authority must be indemnified by the lessees against any damage to property or equipment, which may occur through occupation of the premises.  Notification of any damage should be made to the janitor and the Letting Section immediately.

The granting of a PE facility does not give automatic right to use school gym equipment. Equipment should be stored at all times in locked cupboards and no attempt should be made by a lessee to access equipment.

Where an event is open to the public, the lessee shall obtain Public Liability Insurance of £5m. The lessee must provide evidence that the Insurance has been obtained. Where required the lessee is advised to take out insurance to cover loss or damage of property belonging to the lessee, the Council or members of the public and to cover death or injury of persons in the building during the period of let.

Health & Safety

In the event of an accident occurring within school premises, the accident must be reported immediately to the janitor/ facility assistant and an accident report form, obtainable from the janitor/facility assistant, must be completed and returned as specified on the form.

The lessee shall make himself/herself aware of the method of exit from the premises and the position of the assembly area after leaving the premises. The lessee shall ensure that there is a method of accounting for each occupant of the premises in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Should there be any damage to the premises before you are due to commence your let this should be reported to the janitor/facilities assistant and inform immediately.

All organisations and activities shall be supervised by at least one leader or qualified instructor for each group of up to 30 members.  Youth organisations should note that no entry can be obtained to the accommodation unless there is at least one adult member of staff in attendance.

No alterations or additions of whatever nature shall be carried out to the premises without the prior written consent of the Council. Electrical equipment used within the premises shall carry a current Portable Appliance Test certificate.

With the exception of guide dogs or hearing dogs, all individuals involved in and or attending the event must not bring dogs into the grounds or inside the school except with prior permission of Letting Section.