We provide information on safety on educational visits and outdoor education in West Dunbartonshire.

Education outside the classroom is a central part of Curriculum for Excellence. Outdoor education can help pupils develop social skills and gain self confidence. Educational visits can bring many subjects to life, including science, history, art and citizenship.

Health and safety

A fear of accidents is one of the concerns when taking part in education outside the classroom.

West Dunbartonshire has a clear health and safety policy in place dealing with this issue. This policy aims to make sure that all possible precautions have been taken during outdoor education.  

NOTE: Where possible, the transport policy should apply when booking transport.

The policy says that:

  • the head of establishment must approve all excursions
  • you are informed of the nature of the activity and asked to sign a consent form for your child to go
  • a risk assessment must be carried out for all education excursions
  • there must be at least 1 adult per 12 pupils
  • make sure there is separate accommodation for boys and girls
  • all volunteers are PVG checked (full scheme record)
  • all volunteers are told of their role and responsibilities.