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My West Dunbartonshire allows you to request and receive services online using your computer or smartphone, any day of the week, when it's most convenient for you. Once you have signed up, click on 'MyAccount' to start viewing your Council Tax account details and sign up/view e-billing.

Dwellings are exempt from Council Tax where: 

  • all the occupants are students
  • all the occupants are under 18
  • all the occupants are under 20 and are school or college leavers
  • they are reserved by the Government for members of the armed forces
  • all the occupants are severely mentally impaired

Unoccupied dwellings may qualify to be treated as exempt where they: 

  • have recently been built, are under reconstruction, are uninhabitable or awaiting demolition
  • were last occupied by persons disregarded for discount purposes
  • are owned by a charity
  • are unfurnished (up to six months)
  • are empty due to death of occupant
  • are repossessed or vested in a trustee in bankruptcy
  • are hard to let because they are part of a larger property
  • were last used in connection with agriculture
  • are being held for use by a minister of religion

Houses that are unoccupied

If you wish to apply for exemption due to you house being unoccupied please complete our houses that are unoccupied form.

Houses that are unoccupied form

Houses that are unoccupied and unfurnished

If you wish to apply for exemption due to your house being unoccupied and unfurnished please complete the unoccupied and unfurnished form.

Houses unoccupied and unfurnished form