This page should be read with the Housing Benefit page, where applicable. Please note, if you wish to claim both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction you only need to complete one form. Council Tax Reduction is available to reduce the cost of Council Tax for people on a low income.

Anyone who has to pay Council Tax can claim a reduction.

Owner/occupiers can get assistance to pay their council tax.

Water and Sewerage reduction

Households with two or more adults that receive Council Tax Reduction and not already receiving a discount, qualify for a reduction in water and sewerage charge. The level of reduction is directly linked to entitlement to Council Tax Reduction up to a maximum reduction of 25%. Only full entitlement to Council Tax Reduction attracts the full 25% reduction from the water and sewerage charge. This reduction is automatic and no application is necessary.

Apply for a Council Tax reduction

You can complete the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction application form below.

Application form

In order to make a claim you must provide: 

  • A fully completed application form
  • Proof of your identity
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Evidence of income, savings and all capital

What happens next:

Any new claims for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction should be processed within 4 weeks of submission.

Providing the required supporting documents along with the application may speed up the process.