With the new regulations businesses and not for profit organisations are required to recycle paper, card, cardboard, plastics, metal and glass. For glass recycling solutions please see “Glass recycling for Businesses and not for profit organisations”

West Dunbartonshire Council have been operating an efficient and effective recycling service to numerous businesses over many years.

The dry recyclate service enables businesses and not for profit organisations to recycle:

  • Office paper and envelopes
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Brochures, leaflets and catalogues
  • Food and drinks cans
  • Aerosol cans (empty)
  • Tetra Pak cartons
  • Biscuit and sweet tins
  • Plastic bottles (please remove lids)
  • Detergent plastic bottles
  • Rigid plastic packaging (i.e., fruit punnets, yogurt pots, butter tubs)
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Cardboard tubes

All these materials are placed in your blue bin. West Dunbartonshire can provide differing sizes of bins to accommodate the materials you generate.

We cannot recycle the following in the blue bin:

  • Plastic bags
  • Polystyrene
  • Polythene bags
  • Sweet wrappers / crisp packets
  • Batteries
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Food contaminated packaging
  • Hard plastic items such as coat-hangers, toys, plant pots, CD/DVD/video cases

How to use your blue bin recycling collection service

We need your help to ensure we collect good quality materials for recycling.

Place all items directly into your bin - do not use plastic bags or bin liners

  • Rinse food and drink packaging to remove food or drink residue
  • Remove film lids or food tray liners from plastic trays or pots (place these in your grey bin)
  • Ensure foil and foil containers are not contaminated by food residue
  • Ensure aerosol cans are empty before recycling
  • Remove any plastic wrapping from junk mail or magazines (plastic film should go in your grey bin)
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and squash plastic bottles to save space (you can replace plastic bottle lids)
  • Do not put containers inside each other. For example: do not put plastic bottles inside cardboard boxes, or yoghurt pots inside food cans
  • Try to keep cardboard and paper dry

What size of Bin will I need?

It can be difficult to determine what size of bin(s) you need for the materials you generate, please use the following table as a guide:

determine what size of bin(s) you need
Size of Bin No of bin bags
240 litre 4 bags
360 litre 6 bags
660 litre 11 bags
1100 litre 18 bags

Need help or advice?

Please do not hesitate to contact Waste Services on 01389 738203 or 01389 738699 or email wasteaware@west-dunbarton.gov.uk with any query or make a request for representative from Waste Services to visit your premises to discuss your recycling and waste needs.