Working 4U is now offering a UK Shared Prosperity Fund employer recruitment incentive.

The fund offers an employer a grant amount of up to £4,000. This is based on the hourly rate of pay and contracted hours for each employee as shown in the table below.

When offering 16+ hours a week to a new employee:

hourly rate of pay and contracted hours for each employee
Age Amount
Aged under 18 or first year apprentice £2,500 (£3,000 if paying RLW)
Aged 18-20  £3,000 (£3,500 if paying RLW)
Aged 21+ £3,500 (£4,000 if paying RLW)

All employers are encouraged to pay the Real Living Wage. The Real Living Wage information can be found here If offering the real living wage, an additional £500 will be added to your 26 week claim.

Some key points from the guidelines to highlight are as follows:

  • Employing a person who is unemployed and a West Dunbartonshire resident and meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Creating a new job opportunity with a 26 week contract and offering a position for a minimum contract of 16 hours per week.
  • The new job can’t cover sickness, maternity leave or replace a redundant post.
  • Funding must be commenced by 1st September 2024 and last expenditure of grant 26 weeks from employee start date.
  • Issuing an employment contract which details job role, terms and conditions and pay. The contract must be signed by employer and person. A copy must be provided to Working4U.
  • Ensuring that employees receive formal training and CPD as part of workforce development.
  • Providing the person with a line manager and mentor.
  • Paying a salary greater than funding received at each claim period.

For more information and to enquire about a grant please contact