Discretionary Relief

Discretionary Relief is available to non-profit making organisations, under Section 4(5) of Local Government (Financial Provision etc.) (Scotland) Act 1962, that do not receive funding to assist with rates costs, from Local or Central Government. Copies of the organisation's constitution and latest audited accounts must be submitted with any application.

West Dunbartonshire Council policy and review of the use of public monies for rates relief is undertaken with the upmost diligence and requires that organisations and clubs demonstrate, within their constitution and rules, a commitment and benefit to all members of the community and that there are no restrictions enabling all to participate regardless of age, gender, race, religious belief or disability.

West Dunbartonshire Council's Policy:


Charities in receipt of both Mandatory and Discretionary Relief who are due to be reviewed can complete the undernoted form to allow a single submission for both reliefs.