This is an application based relief, which provides a measure of Discretionary Relief of Rates will be available to registered charities licensed to sell alcohol.  

Copies of audited/independently verified accounts and constitution are required.  The gross turnover figures should be provided allowing Council officers to determine the income received from sale of alcohol.  The Council will then calculate the non-licensed element of Rateable Value.  This is the figure on which any Discretionary Relief may be awarded.

Accounts should relate to the base year. Audited accounts required at revaluation are 3 year prior to the current year which is deemed the base year. (For example) For revaluation 2017/18 the audited accounts will be 2014/2015.

To make an application for Licensed Charitable Relief click on the link below ensuring you have copies of your audited accounts and constitution available to upload. 

Licensed Charitable Relief