Sustainability in Procurement Guidance

This guidance details how the Council will meet its commitments to Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability in Procurement Guidance

Fair Working Practices Statement

West Dunbartonshire Council has adopted policies, statements and charters which support the development of a positive and inclusive working environment and organisational culture where all the workforce have rights to fair treatment, respect and continuous professional development. These include:

  • The Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy;
  • The Employee Wellbeing Charter and the Equal Pay Statement;
  • Appropriate channels for an effective voice, such as trade union recognition;
  • Supporting the real Living Wage by providing fair pay for all the workforce;
  • Stability of employment and hours of work and avoiding exploitative
    employment practices, including no inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts;
  • Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace including flexible working
  • Investment in workforce training and development opportunities;
  • Offering a range of workforce assistance schemes; and
  • A commitment to Modern Apprenticeships and the development of Scotland’s young workforce.

Further, the Council will aim to fulfil the objectives above by working with potential suppliers and those in potential receipt of grants, sponsorship and other funding arrangements.

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Business Support

West Dunbartonshire Council has a range of start-up and growth grants available to businesses within the West Dunbartonshire area to support their growth and the creation of local jobs. Further information on the grants and support available can be accessed on the Grant and Loan page.