The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 (the Act) requires that the Council must prepare and publish a Procurement Strategy (Strategy) or review its Strategy for the current financial year and updates as appropriate.  The Strategy supports the Council’s Financial Regulations, procurement legislation and sustainability duties.  The Act also requires the Council to publish an Annual Procurement Report which summarises the performance of the Council in delivering its Strategy. 

This renewed Strategy outlines how we will use the power of procurement to deliver and influence outcomes that are good for local businesses and their employees, good for local places and communities, good for local society and that are open and connected with the local communities we serve.  The broad principles and policies described in this renewed Strategy are expected to remain relevant until at least 31 March 2026. We will continue to review our Strategy at least once a year and make changes to it if these are needed to ensure that it remains current.

This refreshed Annual Procurement Report sets out the achievements and future plans for the Council’s regulated procurement activity.