aerial view of Clydebank

The Clydebank Development Framework was published in 2021. It presents a vision of Clydebank town centre in 15 years’ time, with the transition from a retail dominant location to a vibrant mixed use and inhabited town centre that better meets the needs of the community. It is about creating a real core to the town – a town with a heart – and making Clydebank Town Centre a more sustainable and successful place. It advocates a 3-phase approach to change beginning with the area to the south of the canal.

The framework was developed in cooperation with local stakeholders. It reflects community aspirations for a better, livelier, and more sustainable place. These echo the community aspirations of two previous Charrette events - the Clydebank Can on the Canal Charrette in 2018, and Clydebank Town Centre Design Charrette in 2015.

Some projects in Phase 1 of the framework have already been delivered including Connecting Clydebank and Sylvania Way which improve the public realm and enhance connections within the town. Other projects being developed include a Clydebank Activity Centre alongside the canal and new housing on the former Playdrome site, to be delivered by a private developer.