The Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) is a Scottish Government capital funding programme worth approximate £325m over its five-year lifespan. The programme began in 21/22 and will continue until 25/26. Its core aim is to see the delivery of place-based improvement projects that meet the needs and aspirations of local communities.

Each year, a portion of the £325m fund is distributed to every local authority in Scotland to either deliver projects themselves or offer community funds. West Dunbartonshire’s allocation to date has been £0.78m in 2021/22, £0.676 in 2022/23 and £0.471 in 2023/24. It is expected to receive another £0.471 in both 2024/25 and 2025/26.

The Council committed to use the PBIP funding to help deliver regeneration projects in Alexandria, which arose from the 2021 Alexandria Town Centre Masterplan. So far, the funding has been helped enhance the public realm around the Smollet Fountain, upgrade the active travel connection at the Dalmonach Steps, undertake property improvements and upgrade town centre car parks.

The next masterplan project to be advanced using funding from the PBIP is Alexander Street. It is part of the towns future Walking and Cycling Network and Green Heritage Corridor.

The PBIP funding for 2023/2024 was unable to be used on Alexandria projects, and the Council agreed to re-distribute the £0.471 allocation to offer PBIP Community Grants.