Aims of the Fund?

The Fund has been established for groups to deliver projects, activities and services focused on benefiting young people (aged 0 -18 or aged up to 25 for young people who are care-experienced or have additional support needs). This can include projects that build confidence, capacity, skills and resilience of young people. This one-off grant can support constituted groups, or non-constituted groups that are able to partner with a constituted group.

The funding must deliver benefits for young people within West Dunbartonshire.

Who may apply?

Any group appropriately constituted or set up. The Fund can also support non-constituted groups where they partner with a constituted group to apply. This would require any funding award to be paid to the constituted group and administered from there. This Fund cannot support businesses.

What can the Grant be used for?

The Fund offers a one-off grant to support projects, activities and services which build confidence, capacity, skills and resilience of young people

This funding relates to the cost of delivery of activities, projects or services. It can be used for running costs such as venue hire, staff costs, running events or activities, transport costs, or for the costs of capital items specifically required for the project or activity.

How are applications assessed?

 Each application will be considered on individual merit and upon evidence of engagement with young people over the need/wish for the activity applied for. Groups most likely to attract funding are those which make the most convincing arguments for funding. Consideration will be given to a range of factors including:

  • The evidence of engagement with young people
  • The benefit of the activity or service that will be provided for young people, i.e. increased opportunities to participate and have their voice heard, develop skills and confidence, improve mental health and wellbeing, provide opportunities for learning, reduce social isolation.
  • The number of young people that will be involved in the service or activity in relation to the amount of grant being requested.
  • The level of funding received from the Council in the past.

How much is available?

The total amount of funds available is £100,000.  Individual grant levels will be capped at a maximum of £10,000.  

The Fund may make a grant conditional upon additional matters being produced to their satisfaction and the Council reserves the right to request evidence of how the funding had been used and the outcomes achieved. In the event that the funds were not used in a manner consistent with the funding award the Council may take steps to recover it in part of in its entirety.

Are there any types of application unable to get a grant?


  • Activity to take place out with West Dunbartonshire.
  • Application made by an individual alone.
  • Activity which is not lawful.
  • Applications supporting any political party or from any applicant whose activities are political.

Specifically Grants will not be given for:

  • Long-term running costs
  • unspecified expenditure
  • repayment of loans
  • retrospective funding

The Fund will not provide a grant to replace funding withdrawn by another agency.

How to apply

Complete all questions on the form.

If you need a hard copy of the application form please contact

Check the form is fully completed including relevant contact details. 

Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via the e-mail address on the application form within three weeks of submission.

When to apply

The Fund is open for applications from 1 May 2024 until 31 May 2024. All applications will be assessed after the application window closes.


Please send any queries on this fund to