Alexandria Community Council
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Alexandria Community Centre


Present: Ian Miller (chair), Harry McCormack (minutes), Tilda McCrimmon, Anne-Marie Timmoney, Jan Taylor, Angela Caldwell, Sian Wilkie, Brian Kemsley, Shirley McAlpine, Anne Dickie, Jackie Bain, Alan Hubner (AEH Web), Magda Swider (WDC Regeneration), Stephen Burns (WDC Communities Team)

Apologies: Gordon Kerr, Barbara Barnes, Colin Smith

Alexandria Town Website:

  • Alan Hubner of AEH Web is currently working on the development of this site which came from discussions between West Dunbartonshire Council and the former Alexandria Community Action Network (ACAN) group.
  • The website is solely based on upcoming projects and plans for the town of Alexandria.
  • With Alexandria Community Council now up and running, this website is great opportunity for us to link with West Dunbartonshire Council and Alexandria Traders Association to promote businesses and services in the town.
  • Funding streams are available to maintain and develop the site.
  • Community Council agree in principle with forward action to be discussed at next meeting in December.

Alexandria Town Centre Update:

  • Magda Swider, Interim Lead of WDC Regeneration provided a summary of works and developments.
  • The upgrade work and traffic management improvement has partially been completed and roads now cleared of works for the time being after 6 months.
  • Further works are expected to begin in Spring 2023 but planned consultation with traders in the area following feedback about businesses being seriously affected by the previous works.
  • Historic Lamps have been removed from the Fountain during these works and will not be reinstated. Community Council asked why this was the case and Magda said she would email the relevant department to respond on this. There was disappointment from those present that a consultation on this was never conducted considering the fountain is a landmark in the town.
  • The four lamps (2 out of each) have been donated to Vale of Leven Trust and Central Alexandria TRA respectively.
  • The Green Corridor Project is continuing at Alexandria Library after recent works with building cleaning and greenspace planning at the rear of the property.
  • There are proposals for 70% WDC funding for shop front improvements for all shop properties.
  • There are also proposals for further funding within these shop properties but this would be limited to WDC tenants only. Some traders present at the meeting felt that this brings a “feeling of inequality” to the properties that not who are not WDC tenants. The Community Council agreed.
  • The Community Council also raised the issue of the differing aspects of what West Dunbartonshire Council look as “priority” in comparison to what the community believes to be.
  • On this subject it was raised by the Community Council on the current update of the planned demolition of Mitchell Way which Magda confirmed was to begin “late this year or early next year.”

Previous Minutes – 6.10.22:

  • Proposed by Anne Marie Timmoney and seconded by Ian Miller

Election of Treasurer:

  • Nomination – Angela Caldwell. Proposed by Tilda McCrimmon and seconded by Ian Miller.


  • “Christmas Bazaar” Craft Event hosted by Central Alexandria TRA (CATRA) and Tullichewan TRA. Saturday 3rd December 11am to 3pm at CATRA Hall, Alexander Street, Alexandria. Various stalls, a raffle and free tea and coffee.


  • Meeting to be planned to discuss setting up a new bank account for the Community Council.
  • This will give access to relevant WDC grants for expenditure such as administration.

Forward Planning:

  • As previously discussed, next meeting will discuss further actions on the Alexandria Town website.
  • A Farmer’s Market has been proposed for the traders in the area to promote businesses. Relevant WDC funding is available for the Alexandria Traders Association to arrange soon depending on time constraints.
  • A public Open Day for the opportunity for the community to discuss the views and ideas for the town of Alexandria.
  • A Planning Day for the Community Council to sit and map out actions.

Social Media:

  • Alexandria Community Council currently has two platforms running – a Facebook group which has been running under that name as a template and has over 500 members. A separate Facebook page has been set up currently under the same name.
  • Proposal to change the group name as a more public notice board orientated platform with the new page retaining the Community Council name. The main difference with the group and page is the group is more for people to share local organisations, initiatives and businesses relevant to Alexandria while the page is more dedicated to Community Council updates. Community Council agreed.


  • Local Recovery, a website described as focussing on community recovery following the Covid Pandemic has been noted as possible resource.


(with no other business, the meeting was closed)

Next meeting: Wednesday 14 December 6.30pm, Alexandria Community Centre.

Alexandria Community Council
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Alexandria Community Centre



Ian Miller (chair), Harry McCormack (minutes), Tilda McCrimmon, Anne-Marie Timmoney, Angela Caldwell, Sian Wilkie, Brian Kemsley, Barbara Barnes, Colin Smith (WDC Communities Team)


Stephen Burns, Anne Dickie, Jan Taylor

Previous Minutes - 16.11.22

  • Proposed by Angela Caldwell and seconded by Tilda McCrimmon.


  • Smollett Fountain Lamps/Lanterns: Davina Lavery, WDC Regeneration provided a full update. Lamp/lantern donation to local groups – this was done by email and as previously minuted, 2 of each was provided to Central Alexandria TRA and Vale of Leven Trust. Tilda’s query on why the lamps/lanterns were removed in the first place, Davina explained that this was because they were not part of “the historic fabric of the fountain” and were of an age post World War 2 including the fencing which may have been introduced as a safety measure as the junction got busier over time. This is included in the conservation report on the Fountain. Community Council happy with the information provided.
  • WDC Planning & Building Standards: Weekly list provided and any issues Alexandria based will be raised in the next nearest Community Council meeting. Nothing to raise at this time.
  • West Dunbartonshire Community Council Forum: Tilda and Barbara attended Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 7th Executive Committee elected as follows: Isobel Plunkett (Chairperson/Old Kilpatrick CC), Rona Wilkinson (Vice Chairperson/Silverton & Overtoun CC), Andrew Sinnott (Secretary/Kilmaronock CC), Alistair Conarty (Treasurer/Clydebank East CC). Meetings will be quarterly. Alexandria Community Council provided with Handbook, Code of Conduct, Liability Certificate, Scheme Appendices, Community Council Scheme, Community Council Forum Constitution and Confirmation of Insurance electronically although hard copies available on request. Community Council Forum looking at potential workshops and training days in the year ahead.


  • New bank account getting set with Bank of Scotland.
  • Angela and Ian to arrange a meeting to begin process by phone call.

Forward Planning

  • Trader’s Market discussed at Alexandria Traders Association with a realistic timescale of a weekend in February/March 2023 with an aim of future monthly events. West Dunbartonshire Council providing support. Planned location is the car park at Overtoun Road next to notice board beside Alexandria Community Centre. This can also provide an opportunity for a public information stall for the Community Council.
  • 70% WDC funding for shop front improvements for all shop properties remains available but further funding within these shop properties is limited to WDC tenants only which private tenant traders remain unhappy with. Tilda to contact Michelle Lynn, WDC Regeneration for information on what properties are WDC owned.
  • There has been concern from traders and the community about the drop in footfall in Alexandria following the Smollett Fountain works. Harry to contact Gillian McNamara, WDC Regeneration to raise these concerns and what support there is available.
  • The Smollett Fountain conversation works expected next year includes steam cleaning, repairs to the cast iron heron, re-lining of the basins and planting up with sedum, re-carving of missing gargoyles and installation of a new decorative lighting scheme. Sian explained that the communication of potential road closures by WDC needs to be improved.
  • Community Council also aware of the ongoing unclear situation with regards to Alexandria Post Office’s future. Speculation and mixed information about the service re-opening. Harry to contact WDC Leven Councillors.
  • First 4 Community Council meetings dates planned for 2023. (All Wednesdays at 6.30pm) – 18th January, 1st March, 19th April and 31st

Social Media

  • Alexandria Community Council’s new public page on Facebook currently with 48 likes and 64 followers and slowly growing.
  • Alexandria CC Notice Board Facebook group is growing well with close to 600 group members and many local community groups, businesses and organisation information shared.
  • Harry requested if fellow Community Council members can take some pictures around the town to add to the page/group to make them recognisable individually as both currently have the same cover picture and may cause confusion.


With no other business, the meeting was closed.

Next meeting: Wednesday 18th January 6.30pm, Alexandria Community Centre.