Bowling & Milton Community Council
21 February 2023 at 7pm in Milton Community Hall

Standing Items:

  1. Welcome and Introductions and Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
  2. Police Report
  3. Previous Minutes
  4. Chairpersons Report
  5. Councillors Report
  6. Secretary’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Planning Report
  9. Bowling and Milton Matters
  10. Guests
  11. AOCB
  12. Date and Time of Next Meeting: Wednesday 15 March, 2023 in Bowling Public Hall to be confirmed.


Bowling and Milton Community Council Meeting
Minutes: 18th January 2023 at 7pm in Bowling Public Hall


Councillors: Chris Pollock, Karen Connaghan, CC Councillors: Shona Brown, Jim Thomson, Tine McMillan, Sam McMillan

Police: No report

WDC Officers: Agnes Pollock, Communities Project Officer

Visitors: None

Welcome / Introductions / Apologies

• Acting Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
• Apologies Councillors: Gurpreet Singh Johal, David McBride
• Apologies CC: Kirstin Savage

Police Report

No report.

Minutes/Matters Arising Previous Minutes: Review of notes from last meeting

General discussion took place since last meeting and following the AGM.
Following appointment of new office bearers, the detail of discussion was recorded as follows.

Chairpersons Report

Jim Thomson will take on role of Chairperson on a temporary basis.

Councillors Report


Secretary’s Report

Shona Brown will continue to have a reduced role as Secretary by distributing all mail to CC’s.
Tine McMillan will take on the role of Minute Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report

No report. Communities Project Officer assisting with audit of books for years outstanding. All remaining paperwork will be passed over next week.
Shona Brown will take on role of Treasurer when all audit is completed.
Approach to be made to bank requesting changeover of signatories.

Planning Report

Jim Thomson will continue in role of Planning Officer
Planning reports were emailed to CC’s since last meeting.

Bowling / Milton Matters

None discussed.





Date of Next Meeting

Bowling Public Hall on Wednesday 15th March 2022 at 7pm.