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Chair Rev Ian Miller
Meetings Meetings held first Monday of the month at 7pm, except July and August.
Venue Centre 81, 2-16 Braes Avenue, Clydebank, G81 1DP

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2022 Agendas and Minutes
2021 Agendas and Minutes

Clydebank East Community Council

Centre 81 Whitecrook

Minute of Meeting Monday 6 June 2022


J.White Chair

J.Henry V.Chair

A.Connarty Treasurer

T.Brady Secretary


Cllr June McKay


Cllr D.Lennie K.MccRossan Housing.

Members of public


Meeting opened 7pm Chair welcomed all and explained fire drill.

Minutes of previous meeting

Read and approved by JH and AC.

Treasurers report

  • £180.31

Treasurer explained problem with funding application for this year,info to follow.

Secretary report

Secretary reported difficulty with communication with officials.

Community Police non attendance for lengthy period.

Councillors report.

Cllr McKay introduced herself and her intention to work with CC on all issues.


Several issues were raised by public members.

- A complaint that the local bus services was missing pick ups in Whitecrook on more than one occasion.

 - A resident complained that he had real problems at his home at Braes Avenue, another complained of empty property and overgrown hedges.

- The fencing issue at King St continues unresolved as it has over years. 

- Aircraft Noise and vortex issues were discussed (airport has abandoned sound mitigation project.

- A couple who had moved to new premises after many years said they were delighted. Others from tenants group said that following walkabouts with Cllrs etc nothing much was being done.

It was agreed that J Henry and T Brady raise issues with John Kerr Housing MGR.

Meeting closed 8.45.

Clydebank East Community Council

Minute of Meeting Monday 7th November 7pm Centre 81 Whitecrook


  • J Henry
  • A Conarty
  • T Brady
  • M Flynn
  • A Ross
  • A Jennings
  • Cllr Mckay
  • Cllr McElhill 
  • Cllr Oxley
  • K Mccrossan Housing
  • Suzanne Marshall Housing
  • PC Hardie
  • PC Kelly Hughes


Cllr Lennie

Chair opened meeting 7pm explained fire drill

Chair then paid tribute to john white chair who passed away and praised John for his work with c council and around centre 81 and that he will be sadly missed.

Treasures report funding £1921.26

Secretary report invite to join community council forum.

PC Hardie PC Kelly Hughes informed that PC Campbell will attend future CC meetings. PC Hughes then gave a lengthy list of problems which had occurred in the area, I did not receive a copy.

Cllrs report Cllr McElhill gave update on improvements carried and to be carried out in the area Cllr Mckay updated on transport to the health centre and will continue to pursue the issue Cllr Oxley happy to help with issues and asks that residents call her to explain the issue.

KM cc and ZM Housing to prepare action progress list. Chair raised issue of 5g mast Clyde St.

Resident of St Andrews way house raised several issues that require investigation.

The seemingly everlasting king street fence issue is being dealt with by the housing and homeless dept.

Meeting closed 8.40pm.

Clydebank East Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Monday 6th September 2021, 7pm


J White, A Conarty, Joe Henry, Tam Brady, Alan Rutherford, Cllr Casey, 23 members of the public in attendance.


Cllr D Lennie

Previous Minutes 

No minutes no other business last meeting pre covid

Treasurer Report


Chair opened meeting explained fire drill & Covid safety.

T Brady was nominated as secretary, pro J White, 2nd A Conarty.

Rosebery place. Opinion was sought in suggestions to change name here.  All present agreed Rosebery place be  retained.

Members of the public raised issues concerning drug dealing.

Anti social tenants empty houses etc. etc. at various locations and lengthy discussion took place, Cllr Casey took details of all complaints.  It was agreed that  tenants/residents group be formed.

A planning issue raised by A Conarty, to be emailed to Cllr Hendrie.

Housing officials and Police to be invited to a future meeting.  Meeting closed 9pm.

Date Of Next Meeting

Next meeting first Monday October 2021.

Clydebank East Community Council
Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Monday 4 October 7pm Centre 81 Whitecrook


John White Chair, Joseph Henry Vice Chair, Alistair Conarty Treasurer, Thomas Brady Secretary. Cllr Gail Casey, Cllr Danny Lennie, 22 residents of the community present.

Chair welcomed all and detailed fire drill and Covid safety info.

Previous Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting were moved by J Henry 2nd A Conarty
matter arising no housing officials were contacted to attend this meeting. Secretary instructed to invite Housing Allocation Officers,
ASBO officers, and request for Head of Housing and homeless.

Treasurer report

funds of £2238.97

Cllr Casey gave update on issues from previous meeting and
explained the detail to the tenants concerned.

Members of the public again raised concerns regarding great
difficulty trying to contact WDC officials by telephone detailing
waiting 30 minutes to get through. Being transferred to a dept
where the phone is unanswered.

Several complaints were raised with both Cllrs present, repairs, rubbish of all description being dumped on pavements and lanes. Empty properties, severe dampness in one property where a family of 4 live with two bedrooms and have been in need of larger accommodation for years.

Fences for King Street have been discussed for more than 4 years but nothing has been done.

Cllr Casey and Lennie will follow up on these issues.

Community council agreed to seek a meeting with Mr Peter Barry
at WDC and Joe Henry John White and Tam Brady would write to
him for a face to face meeting.

Tenants in attendance are preparing to form a tenants group. Meeting closed 9pm.

Clydebank East Community Council
Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Monday 1 November 2021


Joe Henry Vice Chair Alistair Conarty Treasurer
Tam Brady Treasurer Allan Rutherford
Councillor Casey Councillor Lennie
Council officer Kevin Mcrossan Housing Operations
Council officer John Wallace ASB WDC
21 members of the public in attendance.

Chair welcomed all to meeting and gave fire drill info.

Minutes of previous meeting

Moved by A Conarty
A Rutherford.

Treasurer report

funds of £2142.98.

Councillors Lennie and Casey gave full updates on several of issues raised at previous meeting.
Matters of housing refuse anti social behaviour fencing paving slabs and general state of hedging were discussed.

The members of the public and the C Council suggested That a lorry pick up of general rubbish such as suites fridges should be introduced to pick up this type of waste, or
and skips.

Kevin Mcrossan Housing operations took details of several issues and agreed to visit those concerned to resolve the issues. The antisocial issue was dealt with by
John Wallace and all agreed it is a difficult issue, with funding for staff and equipment to deal with the issues had been seriously reduced as complaints had risen,
councillor Lennie expects complaints could increase substantially.

The general consensus of those present questioned the allocation policy, and that further discussion is required.

The Housing Allocation officer is to be invited to attend next Community Council Meeting in December.

A tenant resident group is to be formed and a meeting scheduled for November 11 at Centre 81.
Meeting closed 8.55 pm.

Next meeting

  • Monday 1 December at Centre 81