Dumbarton East & Central Community Council

Meeting held on Tuesday 10 January 2023

at 7pm in St Augustine's Hall



Cllr Chris Pollock, Cllr Gurpreet Singh Johal, Dorothy Heron, Secretary, PC Hayley Galbraith, Sgt Alan Heron, Jacqueline Bruce, Anne Currie, James Cormack, Cllr David McBride, Elspeth Crocket, Cllr Karen Conaghan


Mary Hudson, Iain Ellis, Ian Sinkins, Jane Brown

Previous Minute/Matters Arising

Previous minute from 13 December 2022 was read and approved.

Following the discussion at the last meeting on the consultation re Sexual Entertainment Venues, Cllr Johal stated there were no applications submitted for this area.

Questions to Councillors/Police

 A resident from Bruce Street attended this meeting and asked Councillors if the bridge at Castlegreen Street /Gruggies Burn could be looked at as there is a lot of debris gathering due to the recent weather coming from the hill.  Also the bottle bank/clothes bank is overflowing and is spilling on to the road.  Cllr Pollock agreed to look into this matter.

Elspeth Crocket had contacted WDC to make Council aware of the open gate at Riverside Lane which requires attention.  The padlock which was fitted had disappeared.  This is an urgent child safety issue and the lock has not been fitted to date.  Cllr Johal said the childproof padlock was approved and hopefully this work should be carried out soon to avoid any serious situation arising.

Denny Centre:  Elspeth understood the panto in the Denny Theatre could not go ahead this season but a dancing display did take place.  Expensive new equipment has been put into the Denny Civic Theatre and Elspeth would like assurance that the community cinema will not be closed.  Cllr McBride said there is no connection and the cinema will not be effected.

Jaxx asked Cllr Conaghan about the Wallace Street poster and it was agreed this would be arranged and put up by the Community Council.

The police report submitted by PC Hayley Galbraith was circulated to members and the police reported this tends to be a quieter time of year.

Community Council Report

Name of Community Council: - Dumbarton East & Central

Date of Report: -  10th January 2023

Submitting Officer: - PC Hayley Galbraith, L564

Crimes/Offences that have occurred in community area since last meeting

Police Report covering the period 14/12/2022 – 10/01/2023

There were 17 recorded crimes.

The Crimes can be summarised as follows;

Murder/Attempt - 0

Serious Assault - 0

Robbery - 0

Assault with Intent to Rob - 0

Wilful fire-raising - 0

Common Assault - 1  

Possess Knife/Offensive weapon - 0

Theft/Att Housebreaking – Domestic - 0 

Theft/Att Housebreaking – Commercial - 0 

Theft by Shoplifting - 2 (1 Detected) 

Theft (Unclassified) - 5 (4 x theft of fuel)

Theft (OLP) - 1

Attempted Theft - 1 (detected)

Possess Drugs - 1 (detected)

Possess With Intent to Supply - 0

Breach of the Peace/Disorder - 2 (2 Detected)

Vandalism - 2

Vehicle/traffic Crime - 0 

Fraud - 0 (Detected?)

Firearms Act - 0 (Detected?)

Breach of Bail - 1 (1 Detected)

Reset - 0 (Detected?)

Rape - 0

Other –

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (Section 3) - 2

Police Assault - 1 (detected)

The above excludes fixed penalty notices issued in respect of anti-social behaviour, non-endorsable and endorsable offences (Road Traffic).

This month – Issues raised at the meeting - 0

Contact Us

I would urge the community to continue to use Crimestoppers if wishing to leave anonymous information regarding incidents which are happening within the community. The telephone phone number is 0800 555 111 and is operated 24hrs a day.

If you wish to contact us direct with any specific issues/concerns, please contact the following based at Dumbarton Police Office;

Community Policing Sergeant – Alan Heron

Tel: 101

DE&C Community Council Stationery Update

Re. the update of stationery for the Community Council, Ian and Dorothy will meet with Megyn Tyrell on 18 January to discuss further and move this item forward.  Megyn will arrange for a map of the CC area to be sent to Ian and WDC will print the posters while Dorothy will arrange for other stationery items to be printed locally.  More information will be reported at the next meeting.

Treasurer's Report

There is £1501.68 in the bank and £39.34 petty cash.  Mary will hand in the books for the Community Council at the next meeting.


A press release had been issued by Historic Environment Scotland stating that Dumbarton Castle is set to reopen by early spring following the completion of high level masonry inspections.  Dumbarton Castle is one of Scotland's most important strongholds and it is welcome news that visitors will again be able to visit this tourist attraction very soon.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 14 February 2023 at 7pm.

Dumbarton East & Central Community Council

Meeting held on Tuesday 14 February 2023

at 7pm in St Augustine's Hall



Cllr Chris Pollock, Dorothy Heron, Secretary, PC Gemma Doran, PC Scott Baillie, Jim Crosthwaite, Cllr David McBride, Elspeth Crocket, Ian Sinkins, Jane Brown, Mary Hudson


Jacqueline Bruce, Anne Currie, Cllr Gurpreet Singh Johal, Cllr Karen Conaghan

Previous Minute/Matters Arising

Previous minute from 10 January 2023 was read and approved.

Questions to Councillors/Police

The issue surrounding the Dumbuck Hotel was raised.  A Building Warrant request has been submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council for the demolition of the hotel.  Cllr McBride said this cannot be carried out without going through Historic Scotland.  The Planning Department has been asked for feedback on this.  It was thought the Planning Department could object.   The Council have been extremely robust in their views on this.

Safety Gate on the River Leven:  The contractor has a meeting on site this week to discuss this.

Levelling Up Fund:  Three local projects had been successful with this fund, Glencairn House, Artizan Centre and walkway from Central Station into Dumbarton.

A general discussion took place on the strike issues in Scotland and locally.

Public Photography:  Jim Crosthwaite had raised this issue following photographers being harassed by some members of the public.  This was discussed with no positive outcome and Jim will write to Chief Inspector Ryan McMurdo for clarification.

A police report was submitted by PC Baillie and is attached.

DE&C Community Council Stationery Update

Progress for this is in hand and should be available for the next meeting.

Treasurer's Report

It was intimated that there is £1501.68 in the bank (£1363.68 once current cheques are paid), and £39.34 in petty cash.


Dorothy will email WDC  to register our opposition to the request for the demolition of Dumbuck Hotel.

Elspeth will be appealing for volunteers for the opening of Dumbarton Castle this Saturday at an event in preparation for opening up the castle.

St Augustine's Church has intimated that the rental for our meetings will increase from £30 per meeting to £60, as the rental rate will now be £30 per hour.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 7pm

Dumbarton East & Central

Community Council


Meeting to be held on Tuesday

9 May 2023

at 7pm in St Augustine's Church Halls


  1. Previous Minutes/Matters Arising
  2. Questions to Councillors/Police
  3. DE&C Community Council New Leaflets
  4. River Leven Wrecks
  5. Grant for Dumbarton East & Central CC
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. AOB
  8. Date of next meeting, Tuesday 13 June 2023 at 7pm