Dumbarton East & Central

Community Council

 Agenda for meeting to be held on

Tuesday 13 February 2024

  1. Previous Minute/Matters Arising
  2. Questions to Police/Councillors
  3. Flooding Issues Update -   Jim Crosthwaite
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. AOB
  6. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12 March 2024 at 7pm

Dumbarton East & Central Community council

Meeting held on Tuesday 9 January 2024

At 7pm in St Augustine’s Church Hall


Jane Brown, Jim Crosthwaite, Jim Cormack, Iain Ellis, Cllr David McBride  , Cllr Chris Pollock, Cllr Gurpreet Johal, Elspeth Crockett, Matthew Spurway, Development Planning & Place Officer

In attendance:  Anthony Casey, resident


Dorothy Heron, Anne Currie, Cllr Karen Conaghan

Previous Minute/Matters Arising

Previous minute read and approved.

Conservation Area Town Centre

Matthew Spurway gave a presentation re the Conservation Area in the Town Centre.  Jim Crosthwaite has circulated notes on this separately.

Questions to Councillors

There were questions following Matthew’s presentation, being were the Council and the lottery contributing to private landlords’ repairs/renovations/improvements and what mechanisms are in place to make them continue to keep their properties in a reasonable state of repair?    The same question arose re Dumbarton Central - the feeling was that Network Rail are actually responsible for upkeep/repairs.

Anthony Casey asked about the ‘upgrading of the shop fronts’, specifically how this would alter already established shopping habits (i.e. going to St James’ Retail Park or shopping online) and he wondered how you could calculate if this would improve business/turnover.  Elspeth felt the project would encourage tourists, particularly those with an interest in history, to travel into the town from the Castle and was in favour.

Iain asked when the stumps of the old lamp posts might be removed and Cllr McBride said this was down to Scottish Power. 

Iain also asked about the flooding recently at Dumbuck Quarry and why the water isn’t drained into the ditch by the cycle path anymore as they used to years ago.

An update was requested on the progress of the wrecks in the River Leven being removed.  The contract has been awarded locally but the timescale is not known at present.

Flooding Issues

Jim Crosthwaite gave an update re the move of the resilience store to Morrison’s car park.

Treasurer’s Report

Jane reported there is £1979.51 in the bank and £135.35 in petty cash.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 13 February 2024 at 7pm