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The Council tax charge is based on two adults sharing a property. If there are more than two adults, the amount payable will not increase.

Single Person Discount

You can claim single person discount if:

  • you are the only adult aged 18 years or over living in the property
  • the other adults living in the property are not counted for Council tax purposes. See below for more information.

The single person discount is 25% off your total council tax, water and sewerage bill.


If you wish to apply, please complete our online single persons discount form.

Single persons discount

Adults who are not counted for Council tax purposes

For discount purposes, there are certain categories we do not count when considering the number of adults living in a property

  • students
  • care leavers under the age of 26
  • long-term patients in a hospital or care home
  • severely mentally impaired
  • care workers
  • persons in detention
  • apprentices
  • Youth Training trainees
  • student nurses
  • members of certain religious communities
  • partners of non-British students who have no entitlement to public funds
  • people in respect of whom child benefit is payable
  • school leavers
  • members of visiting forces
  • members of international headquarters and defence organisations

However, you will need to provide evidence that confirms their status.