More than a Roof

More than a Roof has been in place for over a year. The annual update to the homelessness strategy has been approved by the Council’s Housing and Communities Committee.

The strategy sets out how the Council aims to tackle homelessness over the next three years and focuses on a number of key areas that will help to ensure that fewer people find themselves homeless within West Dunbartonshire. The five key objectives of the strategy are:

1) Homeless people get prompt and easy access to help and advice;

2) Homeless people are provided with suitable, good-quality temporary or emergency accommodation when this is needed;

3) Homeless people are offered continuing support to help them get and keep the home they are entitled to;

4) People at risk of losing their homes get advice on preventing homelessness; and

5) People looking for housing get information that helps them make informed choices and decisions about the range of housing options available to them.

The strategy was the subject of a consultation process that generated positive responses.

Further details on More Than A Roof are available by contacting Jennifer MacMahon on 01389 737721 or via email at